Ongoing Cyber IT Tech Support

Cyber Security SupportCountering the Cyber Security threat is not a one-off activity, it should be viewed as a continuous business process and part of your IT tech support.

User awareness training and cyber assurance work should be planned on a continuous basis to counter the cyber threat. Keep in mind that the day you complete all of the recommendations from your security audits and penetration tests, the next day your systems have already become vulnerable again. Hackers are operating on a 24/7 basis globally, constantly looking for new vulnerabilities.

In an ideal world reviews would be conducted daily as part of your IT tech support. Clearly this isn’t practical for ongoing business continuity. Therefore Fresh Mango recommends quarterly security assessment reviews, six-monthly user awareness training refreshers and annual complete assessments, including penetration testing.

In the meantime, remember that the insider threat is probably your biggest cyber threat, so here is a short check-list of activities which can help to mitigate that risk.

Insider Threat Mitigations

To help an organisation mitigate the insider threat there are a few physical and technical recommendations that can be applied to help prevent data loss.

  1. A well defined password policy covering:
    o Automatic force of password change every 6 months.
    o Password minimum complexity requirements set to Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers and special characters.
    o Change of all passwords on an employee leaving the company.
  2. USB and CD/DVD Drives being disabled with Access Control Software installed.
  3. Auditing set up on all computers on the network and also on the servers to log activity.
  4. Clear background checks on all employees to confirm key information and a Risk Assessment.
  5. Ensuring that all IT Assets are secured in the office, i.e. Computer locks to stop an insider from removing the physical hardware.
  6. File System permissions set for critical business areas to limit them to only authorised accounts.
  7. Do not leave the office un-manned during working hours.
  8. Ensuring the security of documents and data in transit by the use of encryption with de-cryption key only given to authorised individuals.
  9. The creation of an Information Security Policy that all users and employees sign to make them legally accountable for their actions.
  10. Regular User Awareness Updates!