User Awareness Training

Cyber security trainingPoor education and lack of user awareness of the cyber threat can often be the easiest way for an attacker to gain entry into a business. This threat can be combatted with Fresh Mango’s cyber security training awareness courses.

Research suggests that 80% of cyber events can be mitigated through training staff – at all levels in an organisation – in cyber hygiene.

Poor education and user awareness of the cyber threat can often be the easiest way for an attacker to gain entry into a business.

By providing user awareness training on operating safely within a cyber context to your staff, you will reduce the potential of attack through social media, internet browsing and routine emails.

Our user awareness training is designed to educate employees & directors:

  • information security threats
  • attack methods
  • tips and techniques

Our user awareness training is split into 4 discrete packages, each designed to provide a range of services from basic guidance newsletters to instructor led face-to-face training.

User Awareness Training Packages

1  Cyber Awareness Bulletins

Cyber awareness bulletins are produced on a quarterly or 6-monthly basis to provide high-level cyber awareness of subjects of interest. These include: social engineering, phishing, staying safe online and current threats.

 2  Standard Phishing Campaign Exercise

We conduct an annual phishing exercise, crafting and issuing a plausible email to all staff. Results will be closely monitored and our report highlights any issues and training needs within the business.

 3  Advanced Spear Phishing Campaign Exercise

This annual exercise is a spear phishing or whaling campaign, using a scenario specified by the client designed to obtain sensitive business data or execute a business financial instruction. It is conducted in a controlled environment under the supervision of a nominated client point of contact.

4 Instructor Based Training

Annual user awareness training with a cyber expert to update staff on the latest threats and challenges in cyber space.

Training includes current topics of interest, with tips and hints to stay safe. We also advise how to respond when security has been compromised through a cyber attack.

Fully interactive and with a series of tests to consolidate the learning, training accommodates up to 30 delegates, with certification on successful completion of the end-of-course exam.

We provide all training materials and user guides for your staff.

You can download an overview of a typical course here: Cyber Security Awareness Course. Please contact us to make a booking.

Remember, stay C Y B E R S A F E!

C – Care when you click links

Y – You should always know what has been posted about yourself

B – Beware that a message or friend request may not be really from where you think it came

E – Email addresses are precious, do not allow online services to scan your email address book

R – Remember to choose your social network carefully

S – Selectivity is key when you accept a friend on a social network, make sure you know them

A – Assume that everything you put online is permanent

F – Find your own time to use social networking, work time is precious use it wisely

E – Extra care when installing extras on your site