Cyber Security Support Packages

Cyber security support


We can help you counter the cyber threat to your business with our cyber security support packages.

These have been designed to be affordable, practical and highly effective for small and medium sized companies.

Whatever sector you operate in, whether you are a company of 1 person or 50 staff, our cyber security managed services protect you against the ongoing cyber threat at a tiny fraction of the cost of a cyber breach.



User Awareness Training Cyber Ready Cyber Plus Cyber Secure
1. Cyber Awareness Bulletins
2. Standard Phishing Campaign Exercise
3. Advanced Spear Phishing Campaign Exercise
4. Instructor Based Training (based on numbers of students)
Continuous Protective Monitoring Cyber Ready Cyber Plus Cyber Secure
1. Real Time Monitoring
2. Alerting & Warning
3. Incident Identification
4. Incident Classification
5. Incident Notification
6. Technical Reporting
7. Executive Reporting
8. Asset Inventory & Discovery
9. Continuous Vulnerability Assessment    
Cyber Intelligence Assessment Cyber Ready Cyber Plus Cyber Secure
1. Threat Intelligence Monitoring and Reporting Annual Report
Quarterly Report
Monthly Report
2. Intelligence Direct Alerting
3. Intelligence Investigations
4. Compliance Checks


You can download our cyber security managed services catalogue here:  Cyber Managed Services. Please contact us for our competitive pricing.