Cyber Intelligence Assessment

Fresh Mango’s Cyber intelligence assessments are designed to detect threats outside your normal working environment by identifying what information is openly available to any potential attacker.

Using state-of-the art analytics, we provide you with a comprehensive analysis of:

  • The potential source of an attack
  • Methods used by the attackers
  • Potential impact this may have on your business.

Using this data, we assist you in implementing the best course of action to remedy the situation. Our Cyber Intelligence Assessment Packages are summarised below.

Threat Intelligence Monitoring and Reporting

Security AssessmentThreat Intelligence Monitoring and Reporting


Monitoring. Our intelligence monitoring service is based on high-level monitoring of your organisation using a number of open-source and closed-source feeds.

Reporting. Reports focus on the client’s risk areas and provide a broad analysis of the global client sector, identifying common threats and known techniques, tactics and procedures used by potential attackers.



It includes:

Key Headlines / Exec Summary

Global Threat Summary

Key areas of attention for the client to consider

Intelligence Direct Alerting

Website security assessment

Intelligence Direct Alerting

Our Intelligence Alerts, categorised as HIGH impact by our cyber analysts, will be notified within 4 working hours of discovery.

Intelligence Investigations


Intelligence Investigations

Security diagramOur Intelligence Investigations package provides detailed technical analysis of any of the monthly customer findings and/or alerts.   These “deep-dive” investigations provide the technical findings, discovered digital footprints and proposed remediation actions contained in a stand-alone report for your IT team.

Compliance Checks

Compliance Checks

IT Infrastructure assessmentOur Intelligence Assessment service includes compliance and due diligence checking. Making use of our Threat Intelligence Platform and cyber analysis experience, we provide a wide ranging compliance analysis tailored to your industry requirements.