Continuous Protective Monitoring

Continuous Protective Monitoring


Combat the cyber threat in real time with Continuous Protective Monitoring (CPM).

CPM provides active security monitoring of your IT systems, analyses how they are used and assesses any security incidents as they arise on a 24/7 basis.

Our CPM service is split into 9 discrete capabilities, with three tiers allowing clients to select the level of support appropriate for your business.


Designed to be affordable, practical and highly effective for small and medium sized businesses, clients receive support for up to 75 monitored devices.

Continuous Protective Monitoring Packages

ITEM Cyber Ready Cyber Plus Cyber Secure
1. Real Time Monitoring

2. Alerting & Warning

3. Incident Identification

4. Incident Classification

5. Incident Notification

6. Technical Reporting

7. Executive Reporting

8. Asset Inventory & Discovery

9. Continuous Vulnerability Assessment


Cyber Ready

  1. Real Time Monitoring

CPM continuously collects, normalises and correlates events from within your infrastructure. Our security software will detect potential violations or suspicious activity on your IT systems.

  1. Alerting and Warning

Using advanced correlation rules, CPM identifies security incidents that can typically evade traditional defence tools.

  1. Incident Identification

Utilising an industry leading network and host based Intrusion Detection System, CPM identifies attack signatures at the network and host level.

  1. Incident Classification

Each incident is reviewed and classified by relevance, urgency and impact.

  1. Incident Notification

We notify clients of urgent or high impact incidents within agreed timeframes, and provide recommendations for next steps/remediation.

Cyber Plus – everything in Cyber Ready and:

  1. Technical Reporting

We work with you to develop reports tailored to your business and compliance needs. These can be detailed for your IT team or summaries for your management teams. Monthly technical reports summarise all findings and identify areas to improve your security posture.

  1. Executive Reporting

Monthly executive reports summarising all the events and incidents discovered within the monitored environment. In addition, the report provides statistics, trends and areas of improvement. Executive reporting is designed to inform your senior team on the CPM effectiveness and security posture of the organization.

Cyber Secure – everything in Cyber Plus and:

  1. Asset Inventory and Discovery

CPM continuously monitors for new devices, identifies any new assets within the organisation, ensuring complete coverage and identifying ‘rogue’ devices.

  1. Continual Vulnerability Analysis

This automated software provides a comprehensive vulnerability identification framework to maintain a continuous picture of current and potential vulnerabilities.