Counter the Cyber Threat

Counter the Cyber Threat

Counter the Cyber Threat

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing individuals and businesses today is how to counter the cyber threat. Websites, databases, CRM systems, payment systems, customer fulfilment, supplier management, the list is endless. The entire value chain can be managed online, which has opened up an entirely new threat outside of traditional physical security.

So what can be done? Well two things:

 Design your online systems to maximize their security

 Assess your online systems

The first approach assumes you have full control over the software development process for your online presence. More often than not this simply isn’t the case – take Facebook as a simple example. For websites, WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms for websites today. Sure, you can build your design with integral software security , but what about the underlying platform? You have no access to – nor knowledge of – how secure the platform is. You can be certain that hackers are probing common platform on a continuous basis, around the clock and around the globe

Which leaves you with the second approach – counter the cyber threat with cyber assessments. These include:

Follow the links for more information on each of these approaches. You can also read this highly informative paper from HP “Outrunning the Bear“. You may also be interested in the Safer Internet Day campaign – aimed at promoting safer online usage practices, especially for children. Fresh Mango is the SID centre in the BritishVirgin Islands.