• The Cyber Threat is all too real

    The US has allotted over $13 billion annually to cybersecurity over the next five years.

  • You can Fight Back

    There are plenty of measures you can take to protect your personal and business data

  • Fresh Mango's Cyber Solution

    Fresh Mango’s IT security team will assess, review and resolve your cyber security issues

Cyber Security is the biggest IT challenge and threat facing businesses, organisations and individuals today. Heightened concerns over data privacy, security and hacking has brought the requirement for Cyber Security Services to the fore.

With hackers developing more and more sophisticated attack tools & techniques, it’s never been more critical to ensure your data is not only backed up but safe and secure. Fresh Mango provide security hardening services for networks, remote users, website and applications and much more.

Our cyber security services can be carried out remotely or on site, offering the client flexibility. Using a mixture of software and analytics we can determine how secure your information is online – through your web and social media presence, and through Internet gateways into your own networks.

Our packages are designed to be affordable and effective for small and medium sized enterprises, with three tiers of support available:

  • Cyber Ready
  • Cyber Plus
  • Cyber Secure

Our cyber security services are summarised below; you can download our Cyber Managed Services Catalogue here.

Contact Fresh Mango Technologies today for further details on how we can assist your organisation in countering the cyber threat.

User Awareness Training

Cyber Hygiene User Awareness Training

Cyber Security servicesPoor education and user awareness of the cyber threat can often be the easiest way for an attacker to gain entry into a business. Research suggests that 80% of cyber events can be mitigated through training staff in cyber hygiene.

By providing cyber training and continual education on operating safely within a cyber context to your staff, you will reduce the potential of attack through social media, internet browsing and routine emails.

Our training also provides awareness on how to respond when security has been compromised through a cyber attack.

Continuous Protective Monitoring

Continuous Protective Monitoring

Website security assessmentCombat the cyber threat in real time with Continuous Protective Monitoring (CPM). CPM provides active security monitoring of your IT systems, analyses how they are used and assesses any security incidents as they arise on a 24/7 basis.

Cyber Intelligence Assessment

Cyber Intelligence Assessment

Security AssessmentProvides you with an understanding of your Internet fingerprint by identifying what information is openly available to any potential attacker. An open source intelligence assessment will reveal the potential ease of social engineering threats and vulnerabilities, and exposure how vulnerable you and your key personnel would be to Internet based attack methods (spear phishing, spam, web-site Malware).

This package will explain in plain English the dangers and threats prevalent on the Internet and how these can exploit your electronic business information. We will start by collecting as much Open Source Intelligence about your business as possible to help us understand your business and how it works.


Cyber Assessment Services

Tailored Cyber Assessment Services

IT Infrastructure Assessment

Tailored to your requirements, these range from a single application test to far-reaching tests where no vulnerability information is provided and every system and network is in-scope.

Assessments can go as far as to gain access and control of systems by any means (aggressive) or to simply illustrate that it “could” be done by “taking these next steps”, without actually taking the steps.

All of our cyber security assessments are conducted on site, with any technical access agreed beforehand so that business operations are not impacted or disrupted.


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